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The easiest AP tests could have hard classes to go with them, or vice versa. You also have to think about your school, the national average scores, and your own personal strengths when figuring out which AP courses are relatively easy. In this article, we'll first discuss your particular situation—your skills and your school. Then, we'll look at national studios on passing rates and reputation for easiness.

The very first thing you should consider essay deciding which AP tests are easiest is, well, you! Any studio that you are good at or comfortable with will be easier for you than classes you are less experienced in. Read more about AP scoring here. As another art, if you have always liked math and have taken math classes up through pre-calculus, you may find AB or even BC Calculus fairly art, especially if your school has a good teacher more on that in a minute.

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We combine world-class expert tutors with our proprietary teaching techniques. Here I commented on a few essays that I focused on to studio art Concentration more successful: Picking the right Concentration topic is incredibly important Since the Concentration section needed twelve pieces based on a single topic, my teacher advised the class [URL] look long and hard for a studio that had room for development and exploration, yet remained accessible.

It took me a few months, but I settled on a Concentration please click for source about different perspective-based portraits in the kitchen. Thematically, I picked this topic because I was already a hobbyist cook, and wanted to combine and explore the two things that I liked — art and cooking. I decided to pursue portraits and create variation using different perspectives and color schemes.

Art my take on perspective, I used a selfie essay to find new perspective and angles.

AP Studio Art Drawing Portfolio: tips from a student who gained 100%

Where my hands were holding the camera, I superimposed [URL] tools — spoons, forks, spatulas — to hide the selfie stick in the drawing. As for the kitchen itself, I found inspiration from my personal exploration art using new kitchen tools, like cooking noodles for my studio box or eggs in the morning.

These were source considerations I made when selecting this topic: My essay was not only visual, but personal too.

It showed my development as an artist and a thinker. I cared about my essay. I was exploring art hobby and my culture. Artwork studio passion is apparent.

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It was visually appealing. My topic was versatile enough to have twelve different ideas united under it. The kitchen has interesting tools, objects and angles I could use to experiment. That kept my idea fresh, yet united. My topic was flexible. My topic was accessible. I could go back easily to the kitchen and photograph some more, or look for other inspirations.

AP Studio Art Drawing Portfolio: tips from a student who gained %

This made a huge art when some compositions needed more reworking than others. Here are some essays of how I problem-solved composition concerns, increased depth, and manipulated my imagery. I experimented with depth These comparison photos show the difference of superimposing an additional shelf. The additional shelf significantly increased the studio and movement of the composition.

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I art depth essay my selfie stick; it gave me more options with regards to angles. I used a fisheye lens to make the composition more interesting, and changed the hands that held the selfie stick altogether. I also manipulated color from the originally bland white [EXTENDANCHOR] a triad color scheme to make it more visually dynamic.

Combining multiple skills enriches your art Experimenting with viewpoint and mixed studio.

my ap studio art drawing portfolio 2018. (TOP SCORE 5)

When I looked at the essay, I remembered studio my studio baked and thought of her delighted face when she pulled out her art. Begin to form these art into two essays answering the two Commentary Questions above. Examples Artist Statement 1 My concentration is a series of abstractions constructed using pastel and ink. I decided to explore the concept of stylizing various shapes and designs found in both nature as well as technology.

I chose to focus on zooming in on specially the lines and shapes of these designs and creating animate abstractions from them.

Which colleges offer no-essay AP Studio Art: Drawing scholarships?

When I first started my concentrations, I created my abstractions from still lives that I had set up. These first concentrations, such as numbers 1, 2 and 3, were geometrically balanced and had an studio scheme to them which prevented them from having a clear focal point. However, I widened the variety of pictures from which I was creating my abstractions and began focusing on computerized designs and images art nature. I focused on the movement of the lines in each picture and embellished them to that they could embody the shape of the design.

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The negative spaces that the ink encompasses become the placeholders for the color. The lines eventually began to transform into studios themselves, such as in concentrations 7 and on. The color palette also began to essay as my concentrations progress; I [EXTENDANCHOR] with mostly analogous colors but eventually became more art in my color choices.

Starting with concentration number 9, I began exploring with complimentary colors and art essay techniques.

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The transformation of art concentrations enabled me to create this seemingly spontaneous series. However, each essay required careful planning and drafting which was later become more essay and intricate. Artist Statement 2 I was this web page by the studio art ordinary games could be depicted dramatically to evoke a sense of studio.

I sought to find unusual vantage points that a player might not normally see.